Why should I VIN- Etch my vehicle?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Etching is a quick process that etches your unique VIN onto the front and back windscreens and all door glass of your vehicle. It is permanent and cannot be removed.

There are over 20,000 vehicles stolen every year. One every 24 minutes.

Even if you are insured, theft of your car will cost you time and money organising a replacement.

Similarly your valuable computers, TV’s, boats, trailers and tools are etched so that they cannot be easily resold and are marked for life.

Does marking for life work?

Numerous Police and Insurance statistics show that theft of marked vehicles is reduced by over 64% (this applies for property valuables also) . Recovery of marked vehicles is up to 85%.

What are the benefits of VIN-Etching?

You have Peace of Mind knowing you have the most cost effective anti theft deterrent available today!

CrimeGuard will pay you $1000 if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered.

Many Insurance Companies will provide a discount on your vehicle insurance.

Why VIN-Etch – I have an alarm system?

Professional thieves can disarm even the most sophisticated alarm systems and immobilisers.

Many people these days consider car alarms to be a nuisance value when activated and don’t react to an alarm. Thieves can disarm and be away with a car inside 60 seconds.

VIN-Etching is like a tattoo on your car, making it unpalatable to thieves as it would cost them $2000- $5000 to replace all the etched glass.

Professional thieves wont steal a vehicle they can’t sell !!




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