Community Support

 Your organisation gets $10 for every car processed.

CrimeGuard is assisting schools, clubs and Charities nationwide with fundraising initiatives which require NO input from teachers, admin staff, parents, members or community with a system that couldn't be easier.

  1. CrimeGuard provides Schools, Clubs and Charities with an order form that is distributed.
  2. Forms are filled in with their names and contact details and then returned.
  3. Every form that is returned is accompanied with a $10 deposit which is retained by the School, Club or Charity as their fundraiser.
  4. All order forms are collected by CrimeGuard Agents who then contact all those participating to arrange a suitable time to complete the CrimeGuard Process and collect the remaining $60 balance owed.

It’s that simple!

Everyone’s a Winner!

You can earn $1,000’s now with CrimeGuard's Simply and Easy fundraiser.

PHONE: 0800 244 777 or use our Contact Us page.

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